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Prioritizing Our Treasures in Life

In a world full of chaos and selfish ambitions, learn why a transformed life has to be a prioritized life made up of constant heart checks. Your life is worth it!

The Trinity

"Whatever the Lord has brought you out of there is a purpose that He has put in that He is writing a story with your life." Pastor Petey Leal, Jr.

The Power of Joy

Pastor Pete dives into knowing what and how the power of Joy changes lives!


Pastor Pete breaks down some questions given by the audience at Victory Church. Check this video out and see for yourself why finding yourself at VICTORY CHURCH gives you answers for everyday life! Jesus is the answer!


Jesus didn't just laid hold of us that we go straight to heaven, but to living an moving on a mission here on earth. Learn from Apostle Paul's life was full of purpose...and guess what? You were created for something important too!

Ignite 2018

William Hinn of Risen Nation brings down the house during IGNITE, hosted by Victory Church.


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