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Victory Church Core Values

Why Victory Church? Why become part of what God is doing here at Victory? God continues to move in power and might today throughout the world. He is waiting for you to accept all that He is and Victory Church can be the training center for you and your family.

Finding Hope in Crisis

Learn how to be a friend that is ABLE to minister to those around you. Not just say you will pray for someone and slap them on the back, but to stand with and through the storms with that person!

Book of Philippians

Learn 4 characteristics of the Philippian believers and why we should be striving to be the same! Be givers, be faithful, be outwardly focused, and be normal people.

Moments That Define Us

Incredible time with Pastor Pete as he answered questions from the audience about his new book, "Moments That Define Us".

What Does Faith Look Like?

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for and to be certain of the things we cannot yet see.

Life: Some Assembly Required

God gives us a life, he said he is going to bless it, he is going to fill you with purpose, with joy, with power, with destiny and with the ability to be an overcomer. However, the assembly lies in what we do with what we've been given.

Family Ties

This world can be pretty chaotic, but that chaos doesn’t have to enter our homes. Learn how build functional families in a dysfunctional age. 


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